Why Flight?

The Flight Advantage


With over 50 years experience in the abattoir and food preparation sector, we’re passionate about putting our customers at the heart of our business.
We listen to your needs then create a solution that ensures the finished product delivers performance and value for money. You can also rely on Flight to give you great advice on maintaining the products we supply to you.

In-stock supply

We always carry large quantities of competitively priced standard parts across core ranges.
They’re available for immediate despatch to ensure you’re always ready to meet your customers’ requirements.

Product Development

Our experienced team has the skills to work with you to design, create, test and modify products for fabrication. Detailed drawings will be provided for you to check and approve its specification before manufacturing commences.

Performance assurance

Unlike some other manufacturers, we integrate Finite Element Analysis into the development of our standard range products. This enables us to maximise the performance efficiency of our 3D designs; our standard parts have rated capacities for safe working conditions.
We ensure that the products you specify from Flight will perform to the standard you demand and exceed health and safety parameters in your meat and food preparation area.

Rapid response

Alongside quality and value for money, speed of turnaround is a key to service delivery. Flight is able to turn your brief into the finished article rapidly, consistently and to the highest standard of production.


Flight maintains a comprehensive quality system based on international standards for the control of our planning, control, assurance, improvement and customer interaction which means you can rely on the consistency of our finished products and advice.
Telephone Australia (08) 8276 3644 International +61 8 8276 3644
3 Waverley Avenue, Edwardstown, South Australia
POSTAL PO Box 352 Edwardstown, South Australia 5039